Bemis Company Education Series

The Bemis Company Education Series was created as a way to connect classroom lessons to live performing arts experiences. The series is designed specifically for students in grades PreK through 12 attending from private and public schools, state registered homeschools and state licensed family or group childcare centers.

Home. A place to feel safe, connected, understood and loved. The celebration and sharing of cultural traditions. A feeling of contentment. Your favorite childhood song. A warm embrace or soft chocolate chip cookies. The definition may be different for each of us, but the more we choose to be present and engage in the world around us, the easier it is to feel at home wherever we are. Join us for the 2018-19 Season as we explore the themes of home, belonging and finding connections to one another through the arts. As we journey through this season of educational programming, take a moment to discover what home means to you.

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