Classroom Connections

Kennedy Center Partners in Education Teacher Workshops

The Fox Cities Performing Arts Center and Appleton Area School District (AASD) have been selected to participate in the Partners in Education program of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. As a result of this new partnership, the Center and AASD will create professional development opportunities to help teachers use the arts as a catalyst for creative energy in every curricular area.

Increasing evidence has indicated that students have more active, motivating and meaningful learning experience when taught through the arts. Classroom Connections teacher workshops prepare educators to integrate the arts into their classroom, resulting in more effective and engaging lessons. Even if participating educators have never been trained in the arts, these hands-on workshops are presented in a way that makes them confident and comfortable to use the arts to teach core curriculum. Taught by professional teaching artists who provide practical tools that promote active investment in the curriculum, these workshops give a fresh and exciting way to educate.

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