Compagnia TPO's Farfalle (Butterflies)

Italy’s COMPAGNIA TPO is the world’s foremost pioneer in interactive performance media for all ages and melding astonishing digital imagery with multi- disciplinary performance techniques in the use of music, dance, art, sculpture, digital media, computer technology, lighting and sound. Their vision of accessibility in the arts is unprecedented, simultaneously allowing festivals and venues worldwide their most rewarding audience experiences while redefining them from the inside out.

Compagnia TPO’s Farfalle will feature a sensory-friendly performance on May 10. Sensory-friendly performances provide a welcoming environment for all by reducing loud noises and flashing lights, reducing crowd size, keeping theater lights on at a low level and other adjustments to accommodate those who may have sensory sensitivities or other disabilities. There will be a designated quiet area and space to move around or stand during the performance, as patrons will be free to leave their seats or talk as necessary. A social story will also be made available prior to the performance.

Patrons at both performances will be required to remove their shoes.

Performance Guide

Event Dates

May 9, 2018 - May 10, 2018

Presented in

Kimberly-Clark Theater

Groups of 10 or more order now and SAVE! Call (920) 730-3786 or click here for pricing (PDF).
  • Hearing Loop System
  • Accessible seating is available on each seating level and price.
  • Large print and Braille programs can be produced upon request.

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All performances will go on as scheduled, regardless of weather, and no refunds will be issued. In the unlikely event that the Center cancels a performance, refunds will be promptly distributed. Event dates, times, prices, fees and artists are subject to change.
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