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HAMILTON in the 2019-20 Season


Warning about unofficial ticket sellers:
The ONLY OFFICIAL website for purchasing tickets to HAMILTON at the Fox Cities P.A.C. is We encourage patrons to type in or to their browser instead of using a search engine, which may pull up unofficial results. If you purchase tickets from a ticket broker or any third-party seller: the Center cannot guarantee that your tickets are valid; you may be denied admission to the performance; we cannot reprint or replace your tickets if they are lost or stolen; we are unable to contact you with information regarding weather, time changes, parking, security or other pertinent updates regarding the performance. It is quite likely that you are paying excessive broker fees that are often double or triple the face value of the ticket. There will be no refunds or compensation offered by the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center.

Warning about unofficial Facebook events:
Fraudulent Facebook events may be created in order to push purchasers to a third party website. Always check the weblink is, spelled correctly, before purchasing. All OFFICIAL Facebook events at the Fox Cities P.A.C. will begin with a disclaimer paragraph that reads: This is the official event page for {Event} at the Fox Cities P.A.C. in October 2019. The Center and Ticketmaster are the only official ticketing outlets for this event. For more information visit
Ticket prices have not yet been announced.​
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