How many people does it take to host a Touring Broadway Production

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A lot of very big pieces need to come together to bring a Broadway show to the Fox Cities. No two shows are the same. Each has a different number of trucks delivering set pieces, costumes that need care, traveling actors or stagehands and of course, a different number of people needed to coordinate the whole thing.

So, how many people does it take to make one seamless experience for our patrons?
Great question.

To be honest, it took us a while to answer and we’re probably forgetting someone but the number comes in around 217 per performance.

During an 8-show week, more than 1,150 shifts need to be filled.

We used the recent visit of Rodgers + Hammerstein’s Cinderella to consciously track how many people are involved in mounting a world-class production. The full breakdown is as follows:

For starters, there’s a lot of people involved in booking the show, coordinating contracts, marketing the show, selling the tickets, planning our Community Engagement Series activities and preparing the theater before the show even gets to town.

At the Center, we have 30 full-time staff members who work year round to make these types of tasks happen.

To load the set and costumes into the building, the Center works with local theatrical union I.A.T.S.E. #470. For
Cinderella, the Center locally hired 20 carpenters, 16 electricians, 6 sound technicians, 6 prop masters, 5 wardrobe assistants, 2 hair designers and 4 additional hands to get the show ready. (The show travels with an additional 14 skilled professionals in these areas)

Once the show was in 8 carpenters, 4 electricians, 2 sound techs, 3 prop masters, 9 wardrobe and 3 hair artists stayed to ensure the entire run went smoothly and at least one manager from our back of house team was present during each performance to answer questions and handle issues that may arise.

12 local musicians were contracted by the show to perform as part of the orchestra of Cinderella. While some shows travel with their entire orchestra, many hire local musicians in each city.  (This show only travels with three key musicians) How cool is that?

For every performance the Center has 9 facilities services members here to make sure the Center stays in tip-top shape for every show.

20 bartenders and valet attendants helped enhance our patrons experiences while they are here while security personnel helped keep both patrons and actors safe.

70 volunteer shifts, 8 floor managers and 1 house manager were assigned for each performance.

Up to 4 tickets agents and 1 ticket office manager assisted patrons in purchasing and claiming tickets one hour prior to every performance

At least one staff member also enjoyed spending time chatting with Annual Partners about the performance in the Partners Lounge.

And then, the curtain went up with dozens of brilliant actors giving an exceptional live performance that you were
able to enjoy with hundreds of other patrons.

Thanks for being a part of it all.
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