Meet Steve Jahnke

Steve Jahnke joined the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center team as a volunteer when the building was getting ready to open. A year later, he was hired as a floor manager, later promoted to a house manager and in 2007 he stepped into his current role as Manager of Volunteers and Audiences Services. In that position, Jahnke helps to coordinate a team of more than 390 volunteers who contribute more than 26,000 hours of work to the Center each year.

“Volunteers are so genuine and caring. They want to make sure everyone has a wonderful time while they are here,” Jahnke said. “I’m always surprised how much they are willing to help to support the Center’s mission and assist in making  an event successful. We have so many volunteers who go out of their way to help, from marketing to education, it’s amazing to see.”

Jahnke went on to say that approximately 70 volunteers are required for each show, but in addition, every volunteer serves as a great advocate for the Center.

“They really spread the word throughout the community about what we do,” Jahnke said. “Beyond shows, they become familiar with the programs that fulfill the Center’s mission of being a gathering place such as our Education or Community Engagement Series.”

Jahnke also gives back to the Center as an Annual Partner and Keystone Fund contributor.
“My parents always taught me to give back to the community whether through volunteerism or donations,” Jahnke explained “When my mother passed away, I became an Annual Partner and have been every year since.”

Jahnke decided to also donate to the Keystone Fund, an endowment fund that is helping to provide long-term financial stability to the Center, when he realized he wanted to make sure the Center was still around for his grandchildren and all in the community to benefit from for years to come.

Jahnke also loves talking about the building with new patrons and new visitors from the community, he said.
“I always ask ‘Where can you live and be 10-15 minutes away from a building that brings such high caliber shows?’” Jahnke said. “No need to drive to Milwaukee, Madison or Chicago it’s all right here with our Broadway shows and cultural and adventurous performances from all over the world.”
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