We Love Our Volunteers

April 23-29 brings an exciting week here at the Center — National Volunteer Week! What a great way to recognize and celebrate our dedicated team of volunteers who help us to further our mission and advocate for the arts!
Here are some fun facts you may not know about our volunteers:

1. We have more than 390 volunteers that regularly work at the Center. They would fill the Kimberly-Clark Theater when the risers are down (and then some!).

2. Our youngest volunteer is 16. Our oldest is 90.

3. This season volunteers logged more than 26,000 hours. That’s nearly three years of 24-hour service.

4. Our volunteers come from all over—the furthest away drives from Clintonville to help out at performances!

5. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, based on the amount of time our volunteers log, we’d have to spend more than $600,000 to get the same amount of service (but our volunteers definitely provide the best quality around!)

6. Our volunteer program is proudly supported by Thrivent Financial.

7. YOU can become a volunteer too! Get more information here.

A big thank you to all of our volunteers for the time and talents they share with us each season to provide a fabulous experience for everyone who comes through our doors! We appreciate YOU!
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