Meet the Kadars

Kathy Kadar has loved the theater since she was a little girl. She remembers that growing up there weren’t many opportunities outside of high school and college performances to see live theater, which is one of the reasons Kathy and her husband Zoly have decided to make supporting the arts an important part of their lives.

“The opportunity for us to share this (experience of live theater) with our grandchildren is a dream come true,” Kathy said.

“This upcoming season has something for everyone. We love that each year, the P.A.C. includes at least one child centered performance so that we can take our grandchildren too. The Little Mermaid has special meaning for us because as corny as it sounds, this is the first movie we saw together,” the Kadar’s added. “From the very popular Rent and Wicked, to the old classic in an American in Paris (both of us can’t wait to hear and watch the dancing) to The King and I and the School of Rock which are totally opposite from each other. Les Miserables is the only show we have ever saw on Broadway. We saw it with our whole family 18 years ago. It will bring back great memories.  Also, the Fox Cities P.A.C. brings in new performances such as Waitress. So, it comes down to the variety that makes this year another great year of outstanding performances.”

The variety and quality of performances also encouraged the Kadar’s to become Annual Partners at the Center.
“The arts often do not get the recognition or funding that they deserve. We want to be a part of helping to support not only the young performers but to support all performers in enriching our world with their gifts,” the Kadar’s said. “We started coming to a few shows and we loved them so much while at the same time we recognized that with the perks of being an Annual Partner that it was a win/win situation for us and the P.A.C. The PAC has given us a way to show our appreciation of the arts at many levels.”

As to what they would tell someone who has never visited the Center before?

“The shows are excellent, the hall is beautiful, the staff and volunteers are wonderful,” Zoly and Kathy added. “Also, it is the perfect date night, to go out to dinner on College Avenue and then see an amazing performance that you usually could only see in a big city.”
Fiddler on the Roof

Fiddler on the Roof

November 27 - December 2

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