Meet Stevie Schmidt


Stevie Schmidt, an Annual Partner and frequent patron, enjoys her time at the Fox Cities P.A.C. and has been an advocate in making sure all members of our community can enjoy it as well. Schmidt played a key role in educating and advocating for the T-coil hearing loop that we currently have installed in Thrivent Financial Hall, the Kimberly-Clark Theater and the ticket office lobby.* In her own words, here’s why Schmidt feels the arts are so important to the community.
1. You were a huge advocate for getting the hearing loop installed so that the arts can be accessible to more people. Why is having accessible arts experiences important?
The theater brings us all together and we all deserve this. The arts are the best of life! It makes a huge difference in the quality of sound for impaired ears and the more people who share access to the arts, the more joy and satisfaction in life and the greater community pride for all of us!

2. How did you first come to attend the Center?
I came to see Tony Bennett on Opening Night, it was my birthday and I was forever hooked.

3. Why did you decide to become an Annual Partner?
I wanted to share my enjoyment of the arts, and knowing that Annual Partner contributions help educational programs, I wanted to give children an early taste of the theater!

4. What are some of your favorite memories or performances at the Center?
I love all the classic shows, plus the “greats” – like Disney’s The Lion King. Of course, one of my favorite memories would be dancing in the aisles at all six productions of Mamma Mia!, which is my favorite.

5. What would you tell someone about being an Annual Partner?
It is so satisfying to watch our theater full of children, mesmerized by the production on stage that was specially picked for them. This is an incomparable experience for them that can launch them into a love of theater for life!
*About the T-Coil Hearing Loop
The Center’s state of the art hearing loop links hearing aid users directly into the sound system via a common hearing aid feature called the telecoil (T-coil). A hearing loop magnetically transfers the microphone sound signal to hearing aids and cochlear implants that have a T-coil receiver. The sound is transmitted directly into the hearing aid allowing it to deliver a listening experience customized for an individual’s personal hearing loss. This greatly enhances a modern hearing instrument’s capabilities which ordinarily are most effective in close person-to-person conversations as opposed to large venues.
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