5 Reasons to see Disney’s Newsies!

1.The dancing
If there’s one thing you’ve heard about  Disney’s Newsies already it is probably that it has incredible dancing and that it does! You will not want to miss a minute of the high-flying, toe-tapping, fast-spinning action!
2. It’s different than the movie
Have you seen Disney’s Newsies the film? No? Great! Yes? Great, too! The live show takes all of your favorite parts of the film, adding a little more umph to the love story and some fantastic new music without loosing the original feel. It also stands alone as an awesome piece of musical theater. That means all Fansies will appreciate a show they know and love!

3. The music is catchy
The World Will Know….Seize The Day…Sante Fe…you will be humming along for days after hearing this catchy, upbeat music with a powerful, relatable message!
4. Its historical
The story is based on the 1899 newsboy strike and offers a unique look at what newspapers and publishing meant in that time and even includes historical figures such as Joseph Pulitzer and Theodore Roosevelt.
5. An amazing set
The set of Newsies looks pretty simple on first glance but throughout the show you begin to realize that the innovative way everything comes together is definitely something that will have you talking.
Tickets for Disney’s Newsies are on sale now for performances Feb. 2-7!
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