Meet the Leupolds


When Mary and Mark Leupold settled in the area, Mary knew one thing she wanted to do was become a supporter of the Fox Cities P.A.C.

“I’m extremely passionate about the arts,” Mary said. “They have played a significant role in my life since I was a little girl. I love to see the power the arts have on people and the impact they can make on anyone no matter what their background, age or ability.”

Mary also happens to be a member of the Center’s development team. As the development and grant associate, she plays a crucial role in securing funding for important mission-based programs. This funding allows the Center to reach more people and helps offset the cost of activities like the Community First Community Engagement Series that make a profound impact.

Mary has a special connection with the Frank C. Shattuck P.A.T.H.S. program, where she had the opportunity to serve as a mentor during last season’s “Reach Out” program.

“It was amazing to see the ways the arts spoke to and changed the students and mentors participating,” Mary said. “I was honored to experience it firsthand.”

Mary is also looking forward to Spectrum Dance Theater’s upcoming residency because of the arts’ ability to bring the community together and bridge difficult conversations.

“The arts are a universal language. They connect what’s happening here with experiences of people in London, Hong Kong…all around the world,” Mary said. “That universal language makes opening up about tough topics easier and more approachable.”

“Not to mention,” Mary said, “the arts build and create community.”

“The arts are a solid investment for the community,” Mary said. “Arts experiences provide something that allows people to escape their everyday life, be it good or bad, and come together as one to laugh, cry, learn and grow.”
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