Meet Karen Laws

“I also learned that the level of talent has increased 100% since I was in high school musicals,” Karen Laws added to her explanation of her experience as an adjudicator for the Center Stage High School Musical Theater Awards program.

Laws, who is an artist in her own right and has served on the Center’s board of directors in addition to being a Season Ticket Holder and Annual Partner at the Fox Cities P.A.C., served as one of more than a dozen adjudicators who visited local high schools who were participating in the Center Stage Awards to provide constructive feedback.

“The feedback that the directors, choreographers, musical directors and actors get through the program can help to guide and encourage everyone involved,” Laws said. “The (Center Stage Awards) program shows our high schools that we in the arts community, value what they are doing and support their efforts.”

Laws said that she was impressed, not only by the amazing talent of local students, but by the directors who chose to tackle putting on the production and the support of family, friends and community members.
“I learned that high school theater is really alive in our area, even in our smaller communities,” she said. “I loved seeing the parents and classmates so excited and proud of their production.”

Laws said she was also impressed at how much the Center Stage Awards program encompassed in its first year, from trained adjudicators at each show to workshops led by professionals and a fully produced showcase on the Fox Cities P.A.C. stage.

“Whether a student wants to pursue a theatrical career or not, being exposed to these learning experiences can be beneficial.  I hope the students see the value in  trying something new, realizing that it takes many people involved to bring a show together, and that it takes dedication and hard work from everyone to make it a success,” she said.

As an Annual Partner, she is a proud supporter of mission-based programs, like the Center Stage Awards, that are fulfilling the Center’s mission to be a gathering place for the entire community to engage in educational and enriching opportunities.

“I have been involved in the arts all my life.  I can’t imagine any happiness without them,” Laws said. “I also realize that supporting the arts is the responsibility of those of us who are patrons.  It is the only way to make sure that we all can continue to enjoy them.  If the arts are important to you, then you must support them in any way you can.”
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