Artist Q&A: Jason Fehlen, crew for Finding Neverland

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Jason Fehlen, of Osceola, Wisconsin is currently on tour with the cast of Finding Neverland. As a member of the crew, he has a unique look at the production, and a unique take on touring we knew he'd be the perfect fit for an Artist Q&A!

1. Name/Hometown
My name is Jason Fehlen and I am from Osceola, WI
2. Why are you excited to return to Wisconsin?
I am excited to return to Wisconsin because no matter where I am in the state I still feel like I am home. I can't wait to see my family and eat some cheese curds!  
3. How long have you been on tour with Finding Neverland? 
I have been on tour with Finding Neverland since mid-November, 2016. 

4. I think people will enjoy Finding Neverland because…
For two and a half hours the audience is transported away from all the terrible events happening in our world and the stresses of being an adult. The play shows how even adults sometimes have to let the child inside of them out to play once in a while. 
5. My favorite part of the show is when…
Captain Hook makes his appearance and you find out 'who he really is' and he builds J.M. Barrie's confidence in himself, which leads into the exciting, high energy Act I finale. 
6. I can’t travel without my…
Cooking supplies. When I'm not staying somewhere with a kitchen I like the option to be able to cook. I have a crock pot, electric skillet and a box of utensils and spices. 
7. The best part about touring is…
Seeing different parts of the country and in some cases different parts of the world. I have now been to 47 of the 50 states, Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Mexico City. I've met great people everywhere that I build my network with, have eaten amazing foods and gone hiking places I would not have gotten to otherwise. It's not all fun all the time but when we get free time I try to take advantage of it! 
8. The hardest part about touring is…
The actual transition from city to city. As a member of the crew we do the most intensive part of our job when we load the show out of one theatre, hop directly on a plane or sleeper bus and then a few hours later have to start loading into the next theatre. It's an amazing process to behold if you are not familiar with this industry. 
9. I was excited to hear we are visiting Appleton because…
It is in my home state and just so happened to occur the week after our one week break, which meant I would not have too far to travel and some family members might be able to catch the show. 
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