Life imitates art

It is a common phrase that life imitates art, and in the case of last year’s The Intergalactic Nemesis and this year’s production of Vintage Hitchcock: A Live Radio Drama at Fox Valley Lutheran High School, that might just be true.
Karie Mindock brought her students to last year’s The Intergalactic Nemesis: A Live-Action Graphic Novel. It was a good fit to her current curriculum and offered students the opportunity to continue learning outside of the classroom.

“I have always done a Graphic Novel Unit with my students and thought this would be GREAT!” Mindock said. “The students enjoyed seeing a radio show brought to life.”

Mindock explained that the visit to the Fox Cities P.A.C. really helped students understand how books, theater and radio can be interconnected and helped her students to find more reasons to read and enjoy different types of art.

The students were able to take lessons they have been learning in the classroom and through the live performance at the Center to their very own stage when the theater department put on Vintage Hitchcock: A Live Radio Play this past October.

The director of the play, Seth Hahnke, had attended Intergalactic Nemesis and was inspired to bring this type of classic story format to the stage.

"The cast and crew, which for this production includes a Foley artist and several live musicians performing — and even composing — original scoring, has really risen to the challenge of this "live radio" performance," said Hahnke to the Post-Crescent in preparation for the show.  "These high school students have taken ownership of the production, which has made for fun practices and should make for a fantastic show, whether for adults who remember listening around the radio to their favorite programs or for those who have never experienced the audio magic of a radio program."
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