Celebrating our 2016-17 Education Series

At the Fox Cities P.A.C. we recently celebrated the end of our 2016-17 Bemis Company Education Series, which is a sure sign the school year is about to wrap up as well. This year, we welcomed students and educators to celebrate the voices of community and culture that have the power to unite us all.
With relatable titles that also tied directly back to core curriculum, our daytime education programming brought more than 26,000 visitors from 327 different classrooms to the Center for a special performance. Students learned about everything from the music of the Havana Cuba All-Stars, the story of Jackie Robinson, the diversity and inclusion of Spectrum Dance Theater, the art of radio drama, and the science of magic along with so much more. Starting with PreK age students, the education series is often one of the earliest artistic encounters students have at the Center.

Along with students, teachers also get in on the fun of our Education Series.
More than 70 educators joined us for a Kennedy Center Classroom Connections Workshop this season. These workshops offered educators the opportunity to learn more about how to integrate the arts in their classroom. Throughout this season, that meant learning how to tune into reading through radio drama, decoding the language of Shakespeare and hip-hop, telling your story with jazz and encouraging kindness with artistic activities.

We are excited about all of the new experiences and connections that are made through the Bemis Company Education Series and look forward to another great season in 2017-18!  
Fiddler on the Roof

Fiddler on the Roof

November 27 - December 2

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