Meet the Doeberts

It’s a pretty natural thing for Nicole and Brian Doebert to live generously. They hear the phrase consistently between their community involvement and their positions at Thrivent Financial (where Nicole has worked for 17 years while Brian has been for nearly three years).

So when we recently asked them why they choose to live the phrase as Annual Partners at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center, both explained that their blessings and opportunities have put them in a position to give and they felt compelled.

“I believe that whatever I put out into the world will spread, so I’d like to put out kindness,” Brian answered.
Nicole added “I believe it’s important to give back within our community. If we all live generously, and support the causes that are important to us, we all share in a place that’s great to live and work.”

Not to mention, both Nicole and Brian both have a heart for the arts. Nicole, who found her talents in singing, drawing and playing instruments growing up sees the arts not only as a creative outlet where she could continue to learn and grow, but also as a place where she could belong to a community. She said the arts allowed her to participate in something bigger than herself.

“Arts are important because they help people think differently. Arts are not as rigid as math or science so there is room to explore emotions and experience new things,” Brian said of his arts experiences. “They also provide a shared experience for a community which leads to additional kindness and generosity.”
The two became Annual Partners at the Center in 2014 because they saw the need to support arts beyond what they were already doing as patrons and Season Ticket Holders.

“Communities with a strong arts presence are stronger – that’s been proven. But we need to support our local artists so they continue to have venues, rehearsal spaces, marketing, operations capabilities…all those things people forget happen behind the curtain,” Nicole explained.

The two use the arts as a way not only to connect to the community, but also to each other.
“What haven’t the arts done for us? It has given us time together, new friends, new experiences, laughter, tears, tension, release, joy, sorrow, and peace,” Brian said.

“It’s such a foundation of our marriage. We found out very early in our relationship that Brian knew all the lyrics to the songs from musicals I was performing. It gives us a common love that we can share, talk about and engage together in,” Nicole added. “Especially when it comes to supporting the arts with activities like the Fox Valley Sinfonia (to benefit the Fox Valley Symphony) where we both learned instruments we didn’t know, then performed a concert! The couple that makes music together (even when it’s absolutely horrendous) stays together.  Plus – regular date nights!”
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