Meet Tim Fliss

Tim Fliss has attended performances at the Center with his wife for many years. Six years ago when he began to serve as the Chair of the Bemis Company Foundation, the group that manages Bemis’ charitable giving, his increased involvement showed him another side to the Center.

Fliss, who is currently the Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer at Bemis Company said that the organization is proud to support the (Center’s) Education Series because of “the significant impact that it has on the youth in our community.”

“The programming is very relevant and engaging, and the (Fox Cities) P.A.C. has come up with creative ways to connect students and teachers with the performers before, during and after performances.  The series provides a rich learning experience to thousands of students each year,” Fliss said. “We hope that it enriches the growth of our young people and our community by broadening our perspectives and increasing our passion for the arts.”

Fliss also contributes to the Center personally as an Annual Partner, citing his belief that the Fox Cities P.A.C. is also giving back to the community.

“In my role at Bemis Company, I am often recruiting people from outside of the area to join our company.  I always talk with them about how special the P.A.C. is and the significant positive impact it has on our community,” Fliss said. “ I also invite them to attend a performance with me and my wife.  The P.A.C. is a very attractive aspect of our community to people moving to the area.”

This year, Fliss also joins the Center’s Board of Directors, donating time to serve in advancing the Center’s mission.

“We are incredibly fortunate to have such a world-class facility in our community.  It’s a result of the efforts of many people over the years since the P.A.C. was first established,” Fliss said. “I feel a sense of stewardship to protect and enhance this special place.”
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