Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award is presented annually to members of the community who have persistently served the cause of furthering the Center’s mission through advocacy and financial contributions. Their support ensures the Center continues to deliver programs that inspire and build communities.  


Distinguished Service Award Recipient, Mike Weller


Mike Weller was selected for his persistent efforts in advocating publicly for the Center, resulting in greater awareness of the Center's mission and activities throughout the community. Weller served as Board Chair from 2007-2011 and helped in the successful launch of the Keystone Campaign. Weller has also contributed significantly to the professional development of the senior leadership team at the Center, providing valuable tools and resources to ensure each senior leader can successfully focus on furthering the Center's mission.


Past Distiguished Service Award Recipients

2018 ..... Mike Weller
2017 ..... Beth Flaherty
2017 ..... Morgan Hogerty
2016 ..... Dr. John and Mrs. Sally Mielke 2015 Thrivent
2014 ..... John J. Hogerty, II
2013 ..... Founding Community Board of Directors
2013 ..... Susan Stockton
2012 ..... Fox Valley Symphony Orchestra
2012 ..... Hearing Loss Association of America
Fox Valley Chapter
2012 ..... Makaroff Youth Ballet
2011 ..... Chuck and Barb Merry
2011 ..... Thomas J. Prosser

2010 ..... Roger A. Gerard PhD
2010 ..... David Gitter
2010 ..... Steve Tyink
2009 ..... Alyce M. Dumke
2009 ..... John O. Gilbert
2009 ..... Walter S. Rugland
2008 ..... John F. Bergstrom
2008 ..... Michael A. Marsden
2008 ..... Kathi P. Seifert
2007 ..... O.C. Boldt
2007 ..... Pete Nelson
2007 ..... Dr. Thomas G. Scullen

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