Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award is presented annually to members of the community who have persistently served the cause of furthering the Center’s mission through advocacy and financial contributions. Their support ensures the Center continues to deliver programs that inspire and build communities.  


Kimberly-Clark (2019)
Before the Center broke ground in 2002, Kimberly-Clark was already a dedicated and generous partner, serving on the Board of Directors since its formation and providing a passionate and valued voice to the arts. In true philanthropic practice, Kimberly-Clark has donated toward the Keystone Fund multiple times, most recently a $250,000 gift, and are the title partner for the Broadway Across America-Fox Cities Series. Firmly believing in the power of the live performing arts, Kimberly-Clark is a key component to the Center’s shared vision.

John Krause (2020)
Serving as Treasurer on the Board of Directors for three terms and as a Trustee, John has been a fundamental resource for our community. He has worked diligently to ensure financial stability for the Center through significant financial contributions and assistance in fundraising efforts. John was a key player in preparing the Center for all possible pandemic scenarios, most notably by working to establish the Act 2 Fund. John has been instrumental in ensuring the Center’s longevity, displaying great leadership and dedication in all he does.


Angelo Ninivaggi (2021)
Angelo has served an extended term as Chairman of the Board, and currently serves as Chairman of the Governance Committee. He is the first in his position to reimagine the annual Chairman’s Gala, creating Crescendo and expanding the event’s reach further to the community. In his generous nature, Angelo and his wife Jennifer matched funds for the Act 2 Fund. Angelo’s steadfast dedication is unparalleled; his enthusiasm to help the community knows no bounds. He is a friend, mentor, and strong voice of advocacy for the arts in the Fox Cities.


Past Distinguished Service Award Recipients

2021 .... Angelo Ninivaggi
2020 .... John Krause
2019 .... Kimberly-Clark
2018 ..... Mike Weller
2017 ..... Beth Flaherty
2017 ..... Morgan Hogerty
2016 ..... Dr. John and Mrs. Sally Mielke 2015 Thrivent
2014 ..... John J. Hogerty, II
2013 ..... Founding Community Board of Directors
2013 ..... Susan Stockton
2012 ..... Fox Valley Symphony Orchestra
2012 ..... Hearing Loss Association of America
Fox Valley Chapter
2012 ..... Makaroff Youth Ballet
2011 ..... Chuck and Barb Merry
2011 ..... Thomas J. Prosser

2010 ..... Roger A. Gerard PhD
2010 ..... David Gitter
2010 ..... Steve Tyink
2009 ..... Alyce M. Dumke
2009 ..... John O. Gilbert
2009 ..... Walter S. Rugland
2008 ..... John F. Bergstrom
2008 ..... Michael A. Marsden
2008 ..... Kathi P. Seifert
2007 ..... O.C. Boldt
2007 ..... Pete Nelson
2007 ..... Dr. Thomas G. Scullen

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To Kill A Mockingbird

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