Amcor Education Series Virtual Programming

All virtual programs in the Amcor Education Series are available to PreK-12 grade private and public schools, state registered homeschools and state licensed family or group childcare centers within the service area of the Fox Cities P.A.C. Virtual programs are offered complimentary and are available on demand for approximately two weeks. Please contact us at educationsales@foxcitiespac.com with any questions.



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Glass Half Full Theatre's Production of

Cenicienta: A Bilingual Cinderella Story

October 11-29, 2021

Recommended for grades K-6
Run time: Approximately 50 minutes
Key themes: folktales, heritage, imagination, resilience, poetry 
Accessibility: Closed Captions and American Sign Language available


Ten-year-old Belinda is a budding poet and loves to tell stories, but when she’s stuck in the basement preparing for a party upstairs that her stepmother and stepsisters will host, she’ll have to get creative. It’s a story within a story; Belinda lives out her version while also re-enacting the classic tale of Cinderella, using whatever objects are at her disposal: napkins, teapots, and doilies, to name just a few. With these everyday items, a healthy dose of imagination, and a love of poetry passed down by her father, Belinda imagines a bigger world for herself.

When she learns that the party's special guest is writer Gary Soto, Belinda wants desperately to attend the party and share her own writings with Soto.  But to do that, she must learn to stand up for herself and take charge of her life and dreams. This captivating bilingual one-woman performance is a modern spin on the beloved fairy tale and tackles cultural heritage, family, and the power of language. 



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Mixed Blessings by Barron Ryan

November 8-24, 2021

Recommended for grades 7-12
Run time: Approximately 60 minutes
Key themes: music, culture, relationships

How can different music, cultures and people successfully work together? From ragtime to hip-hop, our country’s music has been created by combining separate styles to create new and exciting art. Barron uses this example to show why the challenge of working with people unlike yourself can be worth it. Barron’s tour of American music includes ragtime, blues, jazz, pop, hip-hop and student participation and interaction. 



Five Days with Step Afrika!

January 14-28, 2022

Recommended for grades 2-12
Run time: Approximately 80 minutes
Key themes: rhythm, movement, social studies

Get ready to tap your toes in a five-part experience that introduces the history and tradition of stepping and engages students in this polyrhythmic, percussive dance form that uses the body as an instrument. 

Program includes:

  • Day One: “What is Stepping?” introductory video and educational guide highlighting the history of stepping.
  • Day Two: “The Performance, Act 1” condensed first half of standard Step Afrika! performance for viewing in classroom setting.
  • Day Three: “The Performance, Act 2” condensed second half of standard Step Afrika! performance for viewing in classroom setting.
  • Day Four: “Stepping with Step Afrika!” stepping tutorial.
  • Day Five: “Meet the Artists of Step Afrika!” This session will feature the artists answering pre-selected questions that allow students to learn more about their lives as college graduates and artists who travel across the globe.


To the Moon and Beyond: Create Your Own Lunar Lander with Janet's Planet

February 28 - March 11, 2022

Recommended for grades 2-6
Run time: Approximately 180 minutes (three 60 minute sessions)
Key themes: STEAM, space, careers, problem solving

Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 17 mission and gain hands-on experience designing and building a lander with your class through a three-part video series designed to educate, engage and inspire students to reach for the stars.

Landing on the Moon and Mars is tricky. A lander headed to the Moon can go as fast as 24,816 miles per hour.  Those on their way to Mars might go up at 13,000 miles per hour. To land gently, these spacecraft need to slow down before touching the surface!  If there are astronauts on board, the lander needs to keep them safe, too. In this challenge, students will use what they know and what they can investigate about gravity, motion, forces and a target of their choosing (the Moon, Mars, or beyond!) to design and build a lander that will protect two “astronauts” when they touch down. Just as engineers had to develop solutions for landing different kinds of vehicles on the Moon and Mars, they will follow the engineering design process to design and build a shock-absorbing system out of simple materials; and improve their design based on the results of test landings. Janet will explain the Apollo Lunar Landers and the different design proposals that NASA is currently considering for the human landing systems that will take the first woman and the next man back to the Moon and one day on to Mars. Students will get hands-on experience of the design process and learn about careers as NASA and commercial space engineers and designers.  


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