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Make the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center more than just a field trip, make it an arts encounter!

Thank you for choosing to make the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center part of your education experience. We are excited to welcome you to the Center and we hope these performances will impact your students artistically, educationally and emotionally. To encourage this, we have created the Boldt Company Beyond the Stage Education Program that supports resources to build connections from the performance to your classroom and curriculum. In an updated version, our educator resource guides include: lesson plans, community activities, company information, artist spotlights and much more! 2019-20 resource guides will be available closer to the show dates.

You may download our Social Story here.

2019-20 Season Study Guides

My Heart In A Suitcase
I Have A Dream
Chicken Dance
Showtime With Shakespeare
Rainbow Fish
Diary of a Wombat

2019-20 Resource Guides

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