Frank C. Shattuck P.A.T.H.S. Program

The Frank C. Shattuck Performing Arts Touch the Hearts of Students (P.A.T.H.S.) program works annually with a group of underserved middle or high school students to actively engage them with the arts. Through this program, the Center helps students remove themselves from unhealthy patterns they are caught in by offering them life changing moments and access to world-class, live Broadway experiences. Students are introduced to character building themes, community awareness and new art forms as they are led through hands-on workshops, engagement activities and interaction with the touring cast, teaching artists and Center staff. Past projects have included “Changed for Good” based on the theme of self-discovery in Wicked, “Raise Your Voice” a song-writing project inspired by Once that encouraged students to chase their dreams and “La Vie Boheme” in connection with Rent which promoted acceptance and respect.


2019-20 P.A.T.H.S. Program

Alexander Hamilton found his truth by writing and publishing his life experiences for the public to read. A group of underserved students in our community will get to do the same by writing poetry, flash fictions, lyrics—anything that feels right to them—while drawing inspiration from the musical Hamilton. This month-long intensive will give students the opportunity to “Share Your Story” by writing narratives about themselves or someone in their lives and then performing their pieces in front of family and friends. With the help of the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center and Storycatchers, students participating in this program will learn the power of overcoming obstacles and building resilience.
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