Frank C. Shattuck P.A.T.H.S. Program

The Performing Arts Touch the Hearts of Students (P.A.T.H.S.) program works annually with a group of at-risk high school students to actively engage them through the arts. Through this program, the Center helps students remove themselves from patterns they are caught in by offering them life changing moments and access to world-class, live Broadway experiences. Students are introduced to character building themes, community awareness and art forms as they are led through hands-on workshops, engagement activities and interaction with the touring cast, teaching artists and Center staff.  Past projects have included “Story Safari” in connection with The Lion King, “Changed for Good” based off themes in Wicked and most recently “Raise Your Voice” a song-writing project inspired by Once.


2016-17 P.A.T.H.S. Program

This season's program is inspired by the show Finding Neverland, and will encourage 30 underserved students from Horace Mann Middle School in Neenah, WI to believe in themselves through the project “Made of Stars.” During this three month project, students will experience the magic of imagination and creative expression. Due to hardships faced at home or at school, many at-risk students’ ability to dream, create and imagine lays dormant. However, during “Made of Stars,” students will be encouraged to break out of their shells and cultivate the courage to believe by taking part in playwriting workshops, writing an original play and seeing it professionally read.


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