Celebrating National Volunteer Month


April is National Volunteer Month and the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center would like to celebrate the dedication of more than 400 volunteers who contribute nearly 26,000 hours each year to support the Center's mission of being a gathering place for the community.

As the Fox Cities P.A.C. celebrates its 15th Anniversary Season, the organization would like to especially recognize an astounding 55 individuals who have served as volunteers since its opening: 
Ruth Berra
Nancy Boll
Gordon Case
Darlene Coley
Rosemary Cummings
Bernice DeLaura
Lois Dennik
Kathy Ducharme
Jeanne Ehrhardt
Lil Fahrenkrug
Mary Ellen Fisher
Mary Fulcer
Kristine Gerhardt
Mary Hare
JoAnn Heegeman
Linda Hegner
Roger Johnson
Leah Johnson
Jerri Kahl
Judi Kiar
Sylvia King
Christine Kosiorek
Shirley Krause
Mary Krause
Roger Krause
Pat Krueger
Jillian Lallensack
Beth Lautenschlager
Bob Miller
Thelma Miller
Vickie Much
Marilyn Patterson
Betty Polacek
Don Rademacher
Carol Radtke
Faith Sauer
Dave Schoenke
Sally Schoenke
Pat Shoemaker
David Sipe
Lynn Staszak
Charlotte Steinkraus
Lorraine Steuck
Dorothy Stoflet
Wayne Stoflet
Carole Strohm
Roger Strohm
Vicki Syring
Sue Tappy
Shirlyne Van Den Bogart
Donna Vandenheuvel
Bernie Wall
Judy Winzenz
Bob Worachek
Judy Worachek
"Each and every volunteer has made the decision to donate one of their most precious assets to support the arts and that is their time," said Manager of Volunteers and Audience Services Steve Jahnke. "Our organization is so grateful for the dedication and contributions of the individuals who have become members of the Center's family, and our success story."

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the more than 26,000 hours of donated volunteer time each year is the equivalent to nearly $600,000 of support. However, the outstanding service the volunteers provide the Center and the community is truly priceless. 

In honor of National Volunteer Month, the Fox Cities P.A.C. thanks all of its volunteers for helping us make the arts come alive in our community.
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