Meet Kim Ritzow

Kim and her husband Dave have been involved with the Center since the beginning.

As Annual Partners, they have taken particular interest in the Education Series. “Dave and I felt strongly about supporting the education programming because it provides access to kids to discuss difficult topics and experience new cultures. They are the next generation so it’s important to get them in the building and understanding the value of the arts in their lives,” Ritzow explained. “That’s also why it’s important for us (as Annual Partners) to support programming that welcomes families who wouldn’t normally be able to come because of financial or social reasons. The arts help everyone to relieve stress and figure out strategies to address issues in our lives and in our communities.”

Ritzow explained that in school her son experienced Shakespeare come to life on stage and she now enjoys watching other students come in for a field trip and understand lessons from their classroom in new ways.
“The Center opened up and literally since our son was five we took him to Arts Alive! performances and when appropriate to Broadway. As he got older we took him to every Broadway and every Arts Alive! we could,” Ritzow said. “He spoke once about how he remembers his childhood as coming to the performing arts center. We started with booster seats and him sitting in my lap and now he’s (in college and) excited to bring his friends and share the Center with other people.”

 “I always want to see something new and that’s what the Center brought to me,” Ritzow said. “The arts in general bring the world to your doorstep without having to leave your area. It welcomes us to try on different cultures and experiences without traveling.”

That was one reason Kim and her husband Dave got involved with the Center in the initial stages. They had just returned to the area and took a tour as the building was being built. They were part of the Center’s initial fundraising campaign and continue to support the Center as Annual Partners. As Annual Partners and Season Ticket Holders, Ritzow said her family values the opportunities for education and engagement the Center provides to the community.

“Arts in the community, is the greatest gift we can give to everyone. Not just kids but adults as well because we still have a lot to learn,” Ritzow added. “The arts are a joy to watch and challenge us to think of things in a new way.”

Ritzow explained that some of her favorite performances have been the ones she least expected and that her Season Ticket Packages for the Broadway and Arts Alive! Series have encouraged her family and friends to try new things and experience new art forms.

“I feel like when you commit to a package you are committing to things you wouldn’t choose individually but that’s exactly what we need. We need to go to things we’re on the fence about because every time we walk out we’re so glad that we went,” Ritzow said. “It makes our small community seem a whole lot bigger because of the programming that comes here.”
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