Meet Trisha Witt

“I have to name just one?”
That’s how Trisha Witt, director of marketing and communications handles the often-asked question about what she enjoys most about her job here at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center.
Passionate about the programming and performances that are making a difference in the community, Witt is also an Annual Partner of the Center, supporting those exact initiatives.
“Every day I get to come into work and see our mission in action. This week alone (during Come From Away) I’ll witness a Center Stage High School Musical Theater Awards workshop where students will have the opportunity to learn and grow their talent by working with a real Broadway producer, we have a residency that will visit 5 middle schools throughout Northeast Wisconsin to share the arts in their school environment, and we have a Community Engagement activity that will help educate patrons about the importance of educational and community programs tied to our traveling shows,” Witt said. “I’ll see that impact on hundreds of faces just this week. That’s worth supporting.”
One of the programs Witt also recently attended was Link Up, watching as students filled our theater with their own music, playing along with the Fox Valley Symphony Youth Orchestra on recorders, with their voices and with their dance moves.
“I was lucky enough to be able to watch these students and their teachers perform, and it was such a special treat. I was honestly surprised that the students were so engaged and well-behaved throughout the program. I expected there to be more playing of the instruments when it was supposed to be quiet, but they did a really great job. The program was so engaging that they didn’t have a problem paying attention, and they all remembered their parts and performed them wonderfully.” Witt explained. “The enthusiasm I saw from a theater full of students was infectious!”
Read more about the Link Up program here.
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