Meet Darlene Coley

Words are important. Whether verbal, sent on letterhead, or posted for all to see, a sentence or two can cause us to pause and occasionally, they direct our path.

That might explain why, for the Coleys, the performing arts center being built in their community became such a large part of their lives. It was a sign that led Darlene Coley and her husband Ron to become volunteers; and a letter that led them to the decision to financially support the mission of the Center.

Ron and Darlene made their way to the temporary offices for the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center before the doors officially opened in 2002 to purchase season tickets. As they walked in, a sign calling for volunteers caught their attention and after a quick conversation, the two had decided it was something they wanted to do.
“We signed up that day,” Darlene Coley proudly recalls.

The pair were present for opening night in November of 2002, working coat check. They continued to volunteer together in various positions until Ron’s passing in 2011. Darlene continues to be a volunteer today.

Words in the form of a letter convinced the Coleys that the Center would benefit their community so greatly with future programming and opportunities that they decided to become Annual Partners.

“A letter went out to the community while the theater was in the final stages of being built asking for contributions, no matter how small, to help the theater meet its financial goal by the time it opened,” Darlene recalls. “We were proud of the Fox Cities P.A.C. and what is was going to, and is now, giving to our community. We wanted to support their goals.”

“It is a good thing to know, be your donation large or small, that together our community is able to provide so many programs to so many people of all ages to all of our benefit,” Coley said.

Darlene said that through the volunteer program she has met many good friends and has seen many great performances, but she also enjoys just visiting as a patron and taking in the Partners Lounge before performances.

Whether through donating her time or financial resources Darlene said she is proud to be a part of “something so vital to our community.”

And we’re proud to have her.
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