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Kyle Davis will return to the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center, courtesy of the Pacific Northwest Ballet, to join his former school of dance as they perform The Nutcracker. We caught up with the dancer before he returns as Cavalier with fellow dancer Angelica Generosa as the Sugar Plum Fairy for two days of performances December 16 and 17, 2017.
Q. You began your ballet training at Makaroff School of Ballet (MSoB). How does it feel to perform with their dancers today?
A. It’s a joy! Any time I return to Wisconsin and have the opportunity to perform alongside, or simply take class with, the dancers from Makaroff School of Ballet (MSoB) I feel a wonderful sense of pride.
Q. How do these dancers inspire you?
A. The dancers at MSoB remind me I started out in the same way they are training now. They inspire me to return to the basics of dance. Square one, home base, is everything in ballet. If you become too dazzled in the tricks and flourishes without awareness of your foundation, you quickly lose the ability to perform the tricks with ease. The students at MSoB inspire me to continue looking at all steps in the ballet vocabulary with the eyes of a curious student.
Q. What do you hope they take away from this experience?
A. I hope as professionals in the field, Angelica and I will fuel the flame of interest the students have in the art form. In my ideal world, each of the MSoB dancers has an eternal love for the art, and experiences like this will only strengthen the bond.
Q. You currently perform with Pacific Northwest Ballet, how does it feel to be home for this special performance?
A. Exciting! I love having the chance to perform for friends and family!
Q. Why do you feel it is important for young students to have the experience of performing in The Nutcracker?
A. In the United States, The Nutcracker is generally the ballet that leads people to love the art. For most audience members it’s the first ballet seen, and for many dancers it’s the first ballet they’ll perform. As a student you start in small roles and watch older dancers perform the more challenging numbers – the numbers you’ll start picking up as the years go on. The Nutcracker is almost a 101 course in ballet.
Finish this sentence:
The thing I remember most about dancing with Makaroff is…the friends I was dancing alongside.
My favorite memory at the Fox Cities P.A.C. is…seeing the excited faces from the party children, mice, and Mother Ginger’s children. Actually, seeing everyone backstage grinning.
When young dancers ask me for advice I always
say… progress doesn’t happen overnight Challenging steps and choreography require work, really hard work, and that takes time.
The thing I miss most about Wisconsin is…snowy winters.
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