Artist Q&A with Lucas Bohn


Lucas Bohn takes the Fox Cities P.A.C. stage in our Kimberly-Clark Theater on Friday, January 25. Learn more about his show and what he thinks about visiting the Fox Cities in this Artist Q&A.

How long were you an educator and what grades did you teach?  

I taught for 6 years at Rolling Ridge Elementary School In Loudoun Country VA.  I was nominated Teacher of the Year my first year as a teacher.  I taught 5th grade but my favorite subjects were writing and science.  I only lost one kid in 6 years. We found him later that day.  

When did you first get the idea to turn your time in the classroom into your comedy routine?  

I would do interviews and people would ask "Where do you get your sense of humor". I was around 11 year old kids for 7 hours a day, they  were a constant source of humor.

What do you hope the audience takes away from your performance?   

I hope they enjoy it.  I want them to laugh.  My show is very relatable and many teacher, parents, grandparents and coaches all say that they felt like they had experienced some of the humor that I discuss in my show, which made them appreciate the show more. 

You’re not just a comedian, your show also has a multimedia component. Why do you choose to include visuals in your routine?  

I feel like it adds a sense of honesty to the stand up.  People sometimes ask "Did that really happen" and when I show them a photo they go "oh, that's MORE funny now that I know it’s true".

Fill in the blank…

My favorite part about touring is…meeting people and having them email me funny signs or stuff to add to my show. 

The hardest part about touring is…being away from my family and trying to manage a family from the road.  Scheduling doctor visits, voting, getting a flu shot while touring can be a pain in the butt.  

When I first heard I’d be stopping in Appleton my thought was…They must have great apples........Look Ma, I've made it! I'm performing in Appleton.....Next week Beaverdam and then Fond Du Lac!!!!!  I'm on top of the world. 

The one thing I really want people to know before they see the show is…We're going to have a blast. This is a really fun show, I should know, I wrote it and it still makes me laugh. My mom says it’s a great show. And I'm an adult so she says she doesn't have to lie to me anymore.

Learn more and get tickets to the show here.

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