Meet Kathy Ducharme

Since the beginning, Kathy Ducharme has played multiple roles at the Center.
Upon the Fox Cities P.A.C.’s opening in 2002, Ducharme was an employee of Aid Association for Lutherans (now Thrivent). She attended the very first afternoon performance for employees and then by the evening performance, had put on her maroon vest and served as a volunteer.
“The Center had been approaching businesses seeking volunteers,” Ducharme explained. “With all the excitement around building the P.A.C., I just knew it was going to be something big and I wanted to be a part of that.”
Ducharme has volunteered at the Center since and has also decided to take on a part time role, first as a floor manager and most recently as a House Manager in addition to assisting with administrative duties on a temporary basis when needed. Volunteering, however, remains closest to her heart.
“That’s probably my favorite role. The volunteers are so friendly, not only with our guests, but each other. They’re like family in that they take care of each other, give each other rides and participate in other activities together,” Ducharme explained. “When I see we’re short on volunteers for a show, I will have my vest with me so I can stay to help the house manager provide first class service to our guests. Besides, the volunteers share such fun stories.”
In addition to serving the Center with her time, Ducharme and her family decided to become Annual Partners to enjoy the benefits together, and also to help support the Center’s mission, which she sees in action on a regular basis.
“As I started working for the educational shows that the Annual Partners funding  supports, the benefit to the schools and surrounding communities became apparent,” Ducharme explained. “Just to stand in the theater and listen to those little ones giggle and laugh, it was just so precious. Knowing that as an Annual Partner you’re helping provide the opportunity for children to enjoy shows during their school day is such a reward. I love watching the little ones walk in for the first time, their eyes get so big. Just last week one of the Floor Managers mentioned that as she was seating a group of first/second grade students, one asked her “is this a castle?”. How can you not enjoy that?”
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