Artist Q&A Adrian Lee of An American in Paris

Adrian Lee grew up in southern Wisconsin and now returns to the state in the ensemble of this award-winning production of An
American in Paris! He took a break on tour to tell us how it feels to becoming “home,” what he loves about the show and the song he just can’t get out of his head in this Artist Q&A!
Q. Welcome home! You spent some of your childhood in Wisconsin. How does it feel to be back?
A. I am thrilled to be back in Wisconsin. Most of my extended family lives in the Midwest and Wisconsin is an easier place for my family to come see me perform!
Q. How did you get involved with An American in Paris?
A. I auditioned for the show in New York City. I went in multiple times to audition for the show before I was offered a contract. The show has been a goal of mine since I saw it on Broadway. I’ve always admired An American in Paris, so I was quite eager to audition for the tour. I have been on tour since the beginning of September 2017. I was in rehearsals for six weeks on the road and started performing in the middle of November!
Q. An American in Paris has incredible music! What song do you most often find stuck in your head?
A. For curtain call we sing the last line from “I Got Rhythm.” After the curtain goes down, I often have that song stuck in my head for a bit.
Q. What do you think most people will be surprised about when they see the show?
A. I think people will be surprised how much of the music they recognize! Gershwin’s music is so iconic and spans so many generations. Also, I think audiences will be surprised by the way the set and scenery transitions are choreographed so seamlessly.
Fill in the blank…
My favorite part about travelling with a touring company is…visiting local monuments or museums. I enjoy seeing what each city prides themselves in whether it contributes to history or present day culture.
The hardest part about travelling is…finding my routine in each city. Figuring out where I’ll get my coffee and go to the gym and how I’ll organize my day before getting to the theater for the show at night.
When I get to a new city the first thing I look for/do is…COFFEE! I really love finding local coffee shops that have their own quirks and feel unique to the city they are located in.
When I first heard we were going to Appleton, Wisconsin my first thought was…my homeland! I lived in both Illinois and Wisconsin growing up and despite not being in the Midwest much anymore, I still feel very connected to it.
The one thing I really want people to know before they see the show is…That I hope they enjoy their evening! I love the show so much and believe it’s such a special piece of art. I hope the audience feels the same way!
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