Meet the Bettags

Stephanie and Matthew Bettag arrived in the Fox Cities in 2002 just as the Center was getting its final touches. Stephanie saw the building as a cultural opportunity for her young family.
“When I was 10, my parents started bringing my brother and I to community and professional theater performances a few times a year,” Stephanie recalled. “When we moved and the P.A.C. was here we thought, “What a great way to have our kids experience live theater as well, even though they were only two or three at the time. We continue to bring them a few times a year.”
Now, their children range in age from 12 to 20 and the Bettags enjoy performances as a family and have used the Arts Alive! and Spotlight Series to expand their knowledge of new theatrical art forms.
“Since we tend to go to more Broadway shows and rock concerts, I decided it was time for us to start expanding our experiences with different performances. So, I started picking shows we normally would not choose.” Stephanie explained. “Recently, I ended up bringing our 12-year-old to Trey McLaughlin and The Sounds of Zamar. It was high energy! I didn’t know what to expect especially with a 12-year-old, but we couldn't stop smiling the entire time. Then, when they brought the high school choirs on stage she turned to me and said ‘It’s so cool to see somebody up on stage that I know’ because one of our family friends was up there.”
Matthew explained that the quality of talent they’ve experienced at everything from Wicked to the Steep Canyon Rangers, the BoDeans to Ramsey Lewis, allows them to be pretty confident that no matter what they pick, they will be entertained.
“One of the things I love about this place is it’s a fairly small venue that gets a lot of big talent coming through,” Matthew explained. “It’s high-caliber performances right on your doorstep.”
As the Bettags watched their children grow and found themselves having slightly more time to get involved, they decided to spend it giving back to their community. They said contributing to the Fox Cities P.A.C. as Annual Partners came to mind.
“It was almost a year ago, February, we decided it was time for us to get more involved in our community where we can. So, I actually sat down and went online and read the Annual Report, looked at all of the numbers, liked what I saw and how much the P.A.C. supports the community with school programs and scholarship tickets.” Stephanie said.
“(The Fox Cities P.A.C.) adds so much to the area. Towns this size are all over the place but you get one that has a performing arts center like this that brings in shows and programs and it contributes to the town,” Matthew added.
They have also enjoyed the benefits of being Annual Partners like which include meeting new people and learning new things at Curtain Call events and taking advantage of the Partners Lounge amenities before shows.
“Especially when we bring the kids to the PAC, we like to arrive about an hour before the show and go up to the Lounge. I always bring a deck of cards and we play a few games, making it a longer evening than just going to the show and rushing in and out,” Stephanie said. “And now it’s become a family tradition. Our kids love it!”
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