Trey McLaughlin and The Sounds of Zamar educate, inspire during visit

“Don’t be discouraged, don’t give up now…”
One hundred local high school students repeated this in stunning harmony under the lead direction of Trey McLaughlin in a choir workshop prior to the performance of Trey McLaughlin and The Sounds of Zamar on January 24.
The students represented Xavier and Appleton North High School but by the end of the experience they were singing as one choir, demonstrating in a fun, engaging way the power the arts have to bring people together and to inspire.
Director Luke Aumann, who has worked with Trey McLaughlin in a graduate course, saw how music brought his students, and other choir students together firsthand.
“By doing this workshop, I think it reaffirmed the power of artistic experience in creating a common language by which we can find the similarities between people that we don’t often see.” Aumann said, adding “I think the most important thing was the coming together of different people to sing and create incredible affective memories that will last with one another for many years to come.”
For Xavier high school choir student Anna Ebben, the message and the idea behind the daytime workshop was driven home when students were invited to sing with Trey McLaughlin and The Sounds of Zamar in their penultimate number of the evening.
“When we went onstage to sing with the Sounds of Zamar, it was a dream come true. I remember singing next to a girl from Appleton North and even though I had never met her before, I felt as if we were friends by the end of the song. That was one of the most exciting performances I have ever done,” Ebben said.
Fellow choir member Molly Voisseum echoed the sentiment, saying “While we were up there I felt overwhelmed with joy and appreciation for music. I could see how the music we were making was affecting the audience and that brought me an overwhelming sense of love. It was an incredible experience.”
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