Meet Deborah Amorde

When the Amordes first visited the Fox Cities P.A.C. they felt like they had won the lottery. Well, infact, they had. When Deborah and her husband Robert were in Appleton for a job interview, Wicked was playing and the two popped in to try their hand at the ticket lottery, which they won.

“We were staying at the Radisson and we couldn’t afford, being a resident with three kids, to just come to the show. But we came to the lottery and we won! That was our first experience with the performing arts center here in Appleton. We were so impressed with the building and the experience, we just loved it,” Deborah explained. “(Robert) got the job and when we moved here, one of the first things we did was get season tickets. We loved the predictability of knowing when our shows would be so he could request off from work or be able to change them as well. That’s a big perk. We also went to shows we wouldn’t have thought we would be interested in and they ended up being some of our favorites.”

That was almost seven years ago and since then the Amordes have begun to share the arts with their three children, an 11 year-old and 8 year-old twins.

“One thing I want my children to get from experiencing the live performing arts is hope and believing in dreams,” Deborah explained. “For example, my young daughter saw Wicked this year for the first time. She came home and she immediately starting writing Wicked 2. She even got on her scooter and put a sign up that said “WICKED 2 COMING SOON” and started advertising her book. I love that it gives them hope, inspires them and makes them dream and set goals. They see the children acting in plays and realize kids can do anything and I just love that.”

Inspiring children is also one of the reasons the Amordes have decided to become Annual Partners at the Center.

“The education shows that are here are really important for our community, especially for children that wouldn’t normally be able to come to the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center,” Deborah explained adding “I just think (the arts) make the world more beautiful. They make life a little more fun. They provide date nights, whether with your spouse, your children, your mom or your dad. It’s a great thing to do together that really allows you to talk about it after and really share joy.”

“We became Annual Partners because we wanted to support the arts. We think it is such a gift to have a facility of this caliber in our city and to have Broadway Across America come to our city,” Deborah explained. “It’s amazing. It’s a gift. It’s one of the things that makes us love Appleton.”
To Kill A Mockingbird

To Kill A Mockingbird

February 21 - February 26

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