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Alison Ewing is making her fifth trip to Appleton as part of a touring show. Having stopped by with the casts of Mamma Mia!, Flashdance, Cabaret and An American in Paris, she now arrives to the Fox Cities P.A.C. as a member of the cast of Anastasia and tells us what she’s looking forward to visiting most and what makes this show so special in this Artist Q&A.
Do you have a favorite place to visit or restaurant to eat at while you are here?
Yes.  I love Fratellos down on the river.  When we come in on a Monday, I enjoy walking down there and having a great dinner on our one night off. In the last tour, I also discovered Mai’s deli for their delicious stuffed chicken wings!  And of course, before a show, I love going to Acoca coffee right by our stage door.
You’ve been on several tours. What do you enjoy most about touring life?
At this point, I’m repeating cities more than not, and it’s nice to come back, reconnect with some of the local crew backstage, and return to some of the great shops and restaurants that I remember from my previous tours.
What is the most difficult thing about touring?
Being apart from my husband Keith is absolutely the most challenging thing about this life on the road.  Sometimes he comes out to visit me on the road, or I have a layoff and go home, but at times there are looooong stretches where we are just counting the weeks before we can be together again.
Anastasia is an all new production! Why are you excited to bring this story to audiences around the country?
There are so many “FAN-astasias” out there who absolutely loved the animated film from the 90’s, and we are always so happy to have them in the audience. There are songs in our show that you may remember from that film.  But this is an exciting new story of it’s own with even more beautiful songs and orchestrations from Ahrens and Flaherty.  While it honors both the animated film as well as the 1956 film with Yul Brynner, our production is it’s own exciting story for all ages!
What do you think people would be surprised to learn about this production?
Our three video walls in the show are done with a projector from out front.  They don’t use lamps but lasers to produce their output. Ian Wright, one of our electricians, tells me that it takes the electrics team 7 hours to get the walls built and projectors up when we get to a new city.  And that’s not even including load in of the rest of the set!
Finish the sentence…
I can’t travel without my…hot water kettle.
The first thing I do in a new city is…find a crossfit gym
The song stuck in my head after the show is…Journey To The Past
If I could switch roles with any cast member it would be…Ed who plays Vlad
When they told us we were going to Appleton, my first thought was…bring winter boots just in case.  I’ve been there 4 times already, and the weather is….well, you know….
Here’s your chance to say something to the audience – I would love audiences to know…what a family our cast and crew is.  We truly all rely on each other to keep this massive show running. Everyone backstage and onstage has a very important role to make Anastasia magic, and we all feel very bonded to each other because of it. 
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