Meet the Heids

It should be no surprise that Todd and DeDe Heid love the arts and the Center. Todd is president of Heid Music and his wife DeDe serves as executive vice president, both dedicating their careers to arts education and enrichment.
But it may come as a bit of surprise how much the Fox Cities P.A.C. really plays a role in their story.
“We actually waited a few months so that the building would open and we could have our wedding here,” Todd said with a laugh. “It was really exciting for my dad, who was on the founding board, to experience it here.”
“There were so many things still getting worked out, how to dim lights and really seeing what they could do but it was very magical,” DeDe added. “(The Center) is a very special place for us personally.”
The pair, celebrating their 16th anniversary, were the first wedding held at the Fox Cities P.A.C. in January 2003, just two short months after opening to the public. Now they are Season Ticket Holders, often bringing their children to share in special performances.
“I brought my 6 year-old to Pixar with the Symphony because I thought the video component would really engage him. There was an older lady sitting next to us and as he sat down I could see her thought of ‘Uh-oh, here we go’” Todd explained. “I was keeping an eye on him to make sure he wasn’t too squirmy and at intermission we were waiting to exit the row and he just turns to her and asks her favorite song. She answers ‘I liked the rat one’ and he responds that it was Ratatouille, one of his favorites, asking her if she had seen it. She had no idea who we were but that really didn’t matter. Watching them have that conversation, it was just a blast.”
It’s the power the arts have to bring people together in that unique way, that Heid and the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center both value, which is why Heid Music contributes to the Center’s Annual Partner Campaign, helping to support mission-based programs.  
“The arts allow for creative thinking, true connectivity and collaboration and I think for us, in all the various art forms, it’s important to create well-rounded individuals and the arts help to do that,” DeDe said. “How do you get more people to step up? When people come its transactional, they buy their tickets. But how do we get them to understand this is a gem and what the arts bring to them, bring to the Fox Cities and bring to our region, we need more people to believe in it and more people to donate. Every donation matters, and if they truly appreciate their experience they can help make sure it continues to be there for not only for their family but for so many others.”
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