N.E.W. Professional Advisory Committee announced for Fox Cities P.A.C.

The Fox Cities Performing Arts Center is proud to announce the first class of the Fox Cities P.A.C. Northeast Wisconsin Professional Advisory Committee. Focused on engaging the next generation of advocates for the Center's mission, the group will work with the staff and Board of Directors to support, celebrate and serve the Center’s programs and performances. 

"The N.E.W. Professional Advisory Committee was created to bring the voice of a new group to the Fox Cities P.A.C.," said Fox Cities P.A.C. president Maria Van Laanen. "We look forward to the new ideas, events and opportunities brought to the table as this group gets to work on advocating for the Center’s mission in our community."

2018-19 N.E.W. Professional Advisory Committee Members

Christopher Betow, owner of Fox Valley Fitness, who believes the arts have the unique ability to help us empathize with people and situations.

Brad Cebulski, president and founder of BConnected, LLC, who said the arts are a reason to congregate and to celebrate, to experience and learn about new, enriching things.

Sheena Conners, attorney at Bemis Company, Inc., who is working to instill in her children the value of creativity, self-expression, acceptance and inclusion.  

Josh Dukelow, host and curator at Woodward Radio Group, who believes the Fox Cities P.A.C. is uniquely positioned to bring together disparate threads, energize isolated groups and leverage community-wide efforts to enhance economic development. 

Alison Fiebig, corporate communications manager at U.S. Venture, Inc., who said the Fox Cities P.A.C. plays a leading role in connecting the community, especially young people, to the arts. 

Tom Klister, financial analysis, tenant retention and new projects and Fore Development and Investment, who wishes to cultivate the energy of young professionals to provide more ways to explore the arts and different cultures. 

Nathan Litt, marketing manager at Horseshoe Beverage Co., who believes the Fox Cities P.A.C. can meet people wherever they are in their lives and bring them together to build community through the arts.

Kelsey McElrath, corporate communications specialist at Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group, who said the Fox Cities P.A.C. plays a role in making the Fox Valley a destination for tourism and permanent residence.

Beckie Overholt, project manager at Thrivent Financial, who believes arts and culture can provide individuals with a sense of belonging. 

Lynn Schemm, marketing director at Appleton Downtown, Inc., who said the arts bridge cultural, social and generational barriers and fosters the realization that we're all in this together.

Lindsey Schmidt, community relations at Tundraland, who said the arts have the ability to create moments that take you away, providing a reprieve from tough situations.

Jenny Swanson, senior consultant at MDA Leadership Consulting, who said exposure to the arts influenced how she lives her life today.

The group will be led by Ryan Downs, president of GLK Foods.

"We are thrilled to have a group of individuals who believe in the power the arts have to enhance our community," Downs said. "Together, we are eager to share the Center’s mission throughout Northeast Wisconsin."

Joining the group will be Nicholas Reising, director of development as a staff representative and Ruthellyn Musil, who will represent the Board of Directors. 

The Center plans to reopen the application process for additional members to the N.E.W. Professional Advisory Committee this spring. 

The Fox Cities P.A.C.’s N.E.W. Professional Advisory Committee will create a new avenue for telling the story of the Center and connect with key affinity groups to maximize the impact the Center has in the community. Together with the Center’s leadership and Board of Directors, the committee will raise awareness and identify partners to support mission-based programs. 
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