3 reasons you won't want to miss RENT

1. A Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award Winning musical
Loosely based on Giacomo Puccini’s opera La Boheme and reimagined by the show’s late creator Jonathan Larson, RENT has been recognized for its creativity, beauty and cultural significance with both a Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award for Best Musical.
2. A cultural phenomenon
RENT has been considered a groundbreaking show since it opened in 1996. It made a 12-year run on Broadway and has been seen in at least 48 countries and in 25 different languages. The final performance of the Broadway production in 2008 was filmed and released on DVD. In addition, FOX has announced plans to make RENT a live television musical in 2019. Even Lin-Manuel Miranda is a fan saying “When I was 17, my ‘Hamilton’ was ‘RENT’”. It’s clear that this musical’s message is timeless and that its loyal fans (often referred to as RENT-heads) have continued to shine a light and pass on the importance of this musical.
3. A story you won’t soon forget
A celebration of friendship and creativity, beautiful messages of joy and hope in the face of fear and important themes of acceptance and the power of love tie together the story of seven artists who are struggling to find their way. With relatable characters and a touching story, you will be moved to ask yourself how you choose to measure a year.
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