Meet Terry Timm

Terry Timm spent 23 years in various positions in the military and his three adult sons have all served as well. Their service has taken them to Georgia, Kentucky, California, Europe, Texas, the North/South Korean border, Hawaii, Colorado and Iraq where the Timm family has given their time and talent to serve our country.

“The commitment of time is one of the greatest gifts that one can give another person, or a community. Anyone that has served in our armed forces has given up time, something they can never get back,” Terry said. “ Those serving in the military work often long, stressful and thankless hours and unless you’ve lived in that environment it’s unlikely that one would fully appreciate the sacrifice, either in peacetime or war. I believe that engaging veterans in our community is a small way for all of us to demonstrate our appreciation for the gift they have given us all.”

Terry, who currently is Senior Vice President, Products at Thrivent Financial, said he appreciated the Center’s efforts to bring Beyond Glory, just in time for Veterans Day, to give a voice to stories of service and sacrifice and a way for veterans and military members to share in them together. 

“Performances such as Beyond Glory provide the opportunity for veterans and civilians to walk along side of one another to gain a common appreciation for the experiences our veterans have faced,” Terry explained.

And as Annual Partners, Terry and his wife Jennifer are proud to support these performances and accompanying activities that are making a difference in the community. 

“The Fox Cities Performing Arts Center has a mission that is much broader than providing entertainment for our community. The Center serves as a gathering place for groups of people to come together to learn, experience various forms of art, and bond as a community.   Many of the offerings at the center cannot self-sustain on their own yet provide great value to our community. Without the support of Annual Partners our community would be left in a void of many offerings that the Performing Arts Center makes available,” Terry said. “Jennifer and I value being Annual Partners primarily for the satisfaction in knowing that our gifts are making a difference in ensuring the vibrancy of the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center.”

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