Artist Q&A: Michel Padron of The Havana Cuba All-Stars


The Havana Cuba All-Stars bring an evening of inventive songwriting and authentic, traditional Cuban beats to the stage Nov. 1. Band Leader Michel Padron took a few minutes to answer a few questions about what it means to them to be touring through the Midwest and what the audience should expect from the show in this Artist Q&A.

How did you get involved with The Havana Cuba All-Stars?
I started the band “Asere” 20 years ago with my friends. We had 4 members when we started. For this tour we put together the best musicians of Cuba and formed Asere, the Havana Cuba All-Stars.”

What is your favorite part about touring with the group?
Being in the United States. We never thought we would be here in the United States ever in our lifetimes.

What is a Cuban Son?
Cuban Son is… Cuban Music. It has a unique rhythm to other Latin music. It was started by our Grandfathers many years ago in Cuba.

What makes Cuban music so unique?
Cuban music is about energy and passion. It is either a love song, or a dance song. You will need to come to the concert and learn why it is so unique. And bring your dancing shoes.

Obviously a lot has been happening in the relationship between Cuba and the United States. How does it feel to be coming to visit and bring traditional Cuban music to the Midwest?
This is wonderful. To be able to be here at the beginning of a new era of cooperation between Cuba and the United States is special. We hope that you will come to the concert and enjoy the Cuban music.

What made the group choose to name their tour after friendship?
“Asere” is the name of our core band which started 20 years ago. Assure, means friendship. It just seems appropriate to name the tour this for this new relationship between our countries.

What can people expect to see at the show on Nov. 1?
Energy. Cuban music will make you want to dance. Make you want to move. Our stage is full of percussion instruments, guitars, bass, the trumpet and trombone will give you the taste of authentic Cuban music. You will see dancing. You will want to dance. I think you will be smiling when you leave the concert.

Want to get ready to dance? Join us before the performance for a Community First Community Engagement Series activity where TC Dance will lead a free Salsa Dance Class open to all ticket holders!

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