Meet Tom Boldt

When Tom Boldt was asked what he would tell someone reading about his experience as an Annual Partner and Season Ticket Holder his message was simple.

“The one thing that I would say is that I would really encourage people to try something new and different,” Boldt said. “The Center allows you to experience something unique and it’s a safe place for our community to broaden its horizons.”

Boldt, who recently visited Cuba on a fact finding mission for the Wisconsin Chapter of The Nature Conservancy, cited the upcoming production of The Havana Cuba All-Stars as an example of what patrons are able to experience right in their own backyard thanks to the Center and its supporters.

“One thing we did experience (in Cuba) was music and the culture – highly regarded in Cuba. Perhaps their enthusiasm for indigenous music and dance are ways in which they find meaning in their lives and enjoyment under difficult circumstances,” Boldt observed. “I would be very interested to see how similar or dissimilar (The Havana Cuba All-Stars) represents itself and the music of Cuba. I was very happy to see the Center was bringing this group and I think it’s a different twist to Latin music. It is very uplifting and entertaining music and from my experience the artists are very engaged in the performance.”

Boldt, whose family business has been an Annual Partner since 2004, said he supports the Center for a variety of reasons from financial, to entertaining and building community.

“I am a huge supporter of the Center. Sustaining the operation (through donations) is very important for cultural and business vitality for this region,” Boldt said. “Being an Annual Partner also allows a higher level of interaction of an experience. You often see either staff or friends at these performances or in the Partners Lounge and it is a great way to connect with people. To see friends and meet new friends.”
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