Artist Q&A with Brian Cowing


Brian Cowing, a Madison-native who is currently part of the male ensemble in Something Rotten! took a break from the early leg of this hilarious tour to give you a behind-the-scenes look at the show, what you’ve seen him in before and why he is exciting to be back in Appleton in this artist Q&A.

How does it feel to be headed back to Wisconsin on tour?
Heading to Wisconsin on tour is so exciting. Being able to share this show with my friends and family is such a gift. I’m also looking forward to sharing all the amazing things to do in Wisconsin with my wonderful cast members.

How did you become part of the Something Rotten! touring cast?
I grew up in Madison, WI and did a lot of theatre in the Madison community. Musical Theatre was truly my passion, so I decided to go to school at Oklahoma City University, majoring in Musical Theatre. I auditioned for Something Rotten! through a video submission, which is a little unusual. The creative team kept sending me audition sides and dance videos for me to film, and then eventually I got the call! I’m so honored to be a part of this amazing company.

How long have you been touring with Something Rotten!?
This cast started rehearsals the end of August and rehearsed for two and a half weeks in NYC. We then went to Columbus, GA to tech the show, this was the first time we experienced our fantastic set, lighting, orchestra and costumes. Appleton is our seventh stop on the tour.

It looks like you were also here with Annie in 2015. Are you excited to be back in Appleton?
I’m SO excited to return to Appleton. When I was on Annie, Appleton was the closest city for my friends and family to visit. We had a blast experiencing this wonderful community. 

Is there anything you are looking forward to doing/seeing while you are here?
Yes! I have some wonderful friends that go to Lawrence University, so I’m looking forward to seeing and visiting with them.

The show is hilarious. Have you ever broken character to laugh on stage?
This show is hilarious, and so is this wonderful cast. There have definitely been a couple times where things catch us off guard or might be a little different from town to town and we might crack a smile or two.

What is something about the show you think people would be surprised to know?
This show is all about costume changes for the ensemble, I personally have 13 changes and many members have more. When we are not onstage we are usually changing clothes, sometimes very quickly. Our wonderful wardrobe team keeps all of us organized to get onstage when we need to.

What do you hope audiences take away from their experience of seeing the production? 
Something Rotten! is pure fun. I hope we put a smile on your face and make your day brighter. Right now I feel like we all need a good laugh, and that’s exactly what this show gives you.

Finish the Sentence:

I can’t travel without my…quilt. My mom is an amazing quilter and I always travel with one of her creations. It’s that little touch of home on the road.

The first thing I like to do when I get to a new city is…find where my iced coffee intake will take place.

The song that is always stuck in my head when I leave the theater is…the last 8 measures of the playoff music. Our band is amazing, make sure you stick around and listen to them play!

If I could switch roles with any cast member for one performance it would be…Nostradamus. I’m pretty ecstatic that I get to understudy this wonderful role.

When they told us we were going to Wisconsin my first thought was…YAY! Family and friends!!!

Here’s your chance to say something to the audience…Do you have anything you’d like them to know?Our cast is so friendly. If you see us out and about around town, say hi. Tell us your favorite restaurant in town or your favorite part of the show. We love meeting and hearing from you, and getting to know your town.

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