Meet the Kapociuses

Mike and Katy Kapocius were excited to become Season Ticket Holders at the Fox Cities P.A.C. For Katy, it meant continuing the tradition of special theater nights with her own children after having fond memories of her childhood. For Mike, he revisited his own high school theater days and had built in evenings with his family.
“I’ve been a season ticket holder at Lambeau for quite a while so the thing was that Katy enjoys theater very much so she said if we’re going to have Packer tickets we might as well have theater tickets,” Mike said with a laugh. “And I’ll be honest with you – I enjoy theater.”
Why did the pair become Annual Partners? They don’t exactly remember if it was an in-person outreach or mailed request with a season ticket renewal that made them aware of Annual Partners, but they agree that they found value in supporting local businesses and supporting the arts so it was a good fit.
“You need to sponsor and support your local businesses because if you don’t they can’t stay in business. And if you want to bring in first run shows like what the Center has you have to get behind it and support it,” Mike said.
Mike, who works with Takeda, utilizes the company’s generous gift match program to take advantage of more benefits and make the family’s donation go even further.
“I know there are a lot of folks that don’t realize that all its takes is a call to your HR office to ask if your company participates in matching gift programs,” Mike said. “If there’s an opportunity to do it all you have to do is find out what is required.”
“I think we started off as a Contributing Partner and then we kind of worked our way up. Later, we saw there was an opportunity with (Takeda) to have a matching gift so it was something where we were already at a $350 level and could do more with the match and enjoy more benefits,” Katy added. “So with not too much more out of our own pocket we can get additional benefits and the PAC gets additional funds. It’s a win-win.”
It’s pretty simple too. Mike fills out an online form through his employer, the donation gets confirmed with the Center and the work is done.
“My employer is very much focused on having their employees be a part of their community… they encourage individuals to participate and donate,” Mike said. “To me, knowing those programs are available is a way to make your dollars go far and support the organizations you feel are important to support.”
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