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Overview of Impact

The 2019-2020 season was one of the most highly-anticipated and buzzed about seasons at your Fox Cities Performing Arts Center. Together, we were anxiously looking forward to a spring full of community, culture and exceptional live experiences. Then the pandemic hit, forcing an unexpected intermission. As we prepare for Act 2, your support can make an impact. 

The biggest impacts of this unplanned intermission can be seen in our educational programming, staff and opportunities to be the gathering place for our community.

Education Programs

Education is a pillar of everything we do. Each year we set strategic goals to ensure we maximize impact. In our Amcor Education Series, we strive to serve over 24,000 students alone not to mention our at-risk, low-income family and many other programming priorities.


Everything that we do begins with our staff. From our world-class customer service, innovative programs, and engagements to presentation of our building, they are the reason our community comes back time and time again. 

​Community Gathering

Bringing people together and ensuring they belong is the life blood of our organization. We accomplish this by presenting the best and a wide arrangement of the live performing arts sector and holding special events for individuals and businesses. We do this by going beyond the stage and welcoming all, no matter your barrier. 

Act 1

Educational programming was as strong as ever:

  • The Center celebrated the 400,000th student to attend an Education Series performance since its inception in 2002.

  • More than 27,000 students registered in our Amcor Education Series (a record number!)

  • 23 schools were participating in the Center Stage High School Musical Theater Program

  • 17 at-risk students were a part of our Performing Arts Touch the Hearts of Students (P.A.T.H.S.) Program 

The Staff were energized after an amazing start to our season! The Center was fully staffed to provide the best customer service and engagement the community has ever seen:

  • 32 full-time staff
  • 133 part-time staff
  • More than 500 volunteers

This banner season was something Northeastern Wisconsin was looking forward to for many years:

  • Started out with the thrilling run of HAMILTON, the 37th Wisconsin Broadway premiere in the history of the Fox Cities P.A.C.
  • Enjoyed 2 weeks of the triumphant return of The Phantom of the Opera, beat the winter blues with Blue Man Group, and had important community conversations with Miss Saigon
  • Held 18 events to engage our visitors through our Community First Community Engagement Series

Intermission (COVID-19 Pandemic)

Education programming halted:

  • 11 Amcor Education Series performances were cancelled, impacting 8,632 students
  • 3 schools that were part of the Center Stage High School Musical Theater Program were not able to move forward with their musicals and our in-person showcase went virtual

The Center was forced to furlough approximately 95% of staff during the Safer at Home order. Remaining staff were instructed to work remotely trying to continue the operations of the Center from afar:

  • 12 staff members working remotely covered all lines of business
From March 14 to June 30, the impact was:
  • More than 100 events were postponed or canceled
  • Nearly 75,000 people were impacted through this loss of engagement
  • While the Center completed a majority of its subsidized programming for the year prior to our closure, the Center also lost 100% of earned revenue opportunities for the Center's 4th quarter (March 14-June 30)

Act 2

What comes next...
  • How will we support students and educators even if we cannot gather as we once did?
  • How will we make our Fox Cities P.A.C. and its programs healthier and stronger for the future?
  • How can we bring the joy of the live performing arts to our stage again without sacrificing the safety of our patrons, casts, staff and volunteers?
  • How will we retain top talent in our staff to continue providing world-class experiences at the Center?
We can only do this with your help! You can make a direct impact on our future with a generous contribution to the Act 2 Fund, supporting the power of live performing arts experiences and the programs and performances that have made a difference in our community.


Contact Nicholas J. Reising, director of development, at (920) 730-3714 or

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