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Since 2002, the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center has been the place where the arts come alive! The Center has served as a gathering place to share in exceptional live experiences with people from throughout Northeast Wisconsin for nearly two decades. Prior to the pandemic, the Center enjoyed an Act 1 full of memorable moments and impactful arts experiences for our community. As we prepare for Act 2, your support can make an impact

Act 1



  • Nearly $13 million in economic activity is generated each year because the Center has become a premier destination for artists and audiences. More than 2.75 million patrons have shared in an exceptional live experience at the Center while also supporting the restaurants, shops, hotels and gas stations in the area. 

  • A generation of students have opened their eyes wider through the Amcor Education Series, leaving inspired after seeing their classroom lessons come to life on stage. 

  • Critical conversations, interactive activities, wonderful experiences and touring Broadway casts have played a role using the arts to build bridges across our differences and bring us closer to our friends, family and neighbors through the Community First Community Engagement Series.

  • Addressing barriers to make experiences more accessible has welcomed people to share in the magic of the live performing arts. By providing accessibility services like being the state’s first Broadway-presenting theater with a T-coil hearing loop, utilizing technology including GalaPro open captioning and hosting relaxed, sensory-friendly performances, the Center continues to work toward the goal of ensuring everyone can enjoy the arts together.

Help us provide more educational opportunities for our community!



When the COVID-19 pandemic triggered an unexpected intermission in March 2020 more than 300 live events, impacting more than 275,000 people, were postponed or canceled. With the health and safety of employees as a priority,and recognizing the cost of maintaining such a beautiful building, the Center chose to make the difficult, but fiscally responsible decision to close the building. The Center was forced to furlough 84% of staff and remaining staff are working from home.

  • The Center is proud to have had a record number of 24 participating schools in its 5th Anniversary season of the Center Stage High School Musical Theater Program. Students are participating in digital workshops, practicing skills virtually and meeting students from other schools, sharing the challenges of producing arts experiences this year.

  • Monthly Virtual Teachers’ Lounge events have allowed for casual networking with local educators, creative collaboration and the sharing of important arts-integration activities to assist in planning new lessons for both digital and in-person classrooms including workshop with teaching artists.

  • Critical conversations have continued in our Community First Community Engagement Series, addressing topics including social justice, arts-integration, community events and the Broadway industry. In addition, more than 4,566 people have engaged in virtual activities

  • Students are learning through the arts from their classrooms and their kitchen tables as the Amcor Education Series is providing resources, performances and interactive workshops that are complimentary for students and classrooms. 

Help us raise the curtain and welcome you back for Act 2!


Act 2


  • Help the Center put health and safety measures in place to welcome audiences back to their seats and share in exceptional live experiences

  • Continue to deliver on the promise to inspire, educate and engage through live performing arts; focusing on healing minds and hearts and bringing people together

  • Create virtual engagements that enhance and expand live experiences so that even those not able to return to the theater can still experience the arts coming to life

  • Support education initiatives that can quickly adapt to a variety of classroom styles so students can continue to learn through the arts

  • Assist in preparations for artists and tours that are anxiously awaiting taking the stage at your Fox Cities P.A.C

With health and safety as the top priority, extensive thought and planning will ensure everyone in Northeast Wisconsin and beyond can continue to be inspired as we navigate the impacts of the pandemic.


We can only do this with your help!

You can make a direct impact on our future with a generous contribution to the Act 2 Fund, supporting the power of live performing arts experiences and the programs and performances that have made a difference in our community.


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