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What about the other fundraising campaigns like Annual Partner and Keystone?  
While the Act 2 Fund specifically addresses COVID-19 related expenses, these campaigns support different aspects of the Center’s mission:
  • Annual Partner Campaign supports Center-subsidized programming including programming for students, educators and the community. During intermission, many of these programs have been virtual and free thanks to Annual Partner support.
  • Keystone Fund supports long-term financial stability through multi-year pledges, cash gifts, legacy gifts or donations to memorialize loved ones. The Keystone Fund has been critical in ensuring the Center’s financial footing during this unexpected intermission.
Supporting one of more of these campaigns helps to diversify the ways the Center can bring the arts to life. Learn more about which may be best for you by contacting a member of the development team today at





Contact our development team at (920) 730-3736 or

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