The Fox Cities Performing Arts Center is a nonprofit organization committed to presenting a wide range of high quality and innovative programs in the performing arts. Located in downtown Appleton, Wisconsin with approximately 135 employees, the Center offers a competitive benefits package for full-time employees.

Job classifications
  • Full-Time: Full-time staff are scheduled for 30 hours or more in any given week and are paid either salary or hourly. Full-time employees are eligible for the benefit programs.
  • Part-Time: Part-time employees are scheduled to work an average of less than 30 hours per week and are not eligible for benefits.
  • Temporary: Temporary employees are hired for a specified period to assist with excess workloads, special projects, extended periods of illness or recuperation. Temporary employees are not eligible for benefits.

The Fox Cities Performing Arts Center is seeking qualified individuals to fill the positions listed below. The Center is an equal-opportunity employer.

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