group of students posing on stage

Center Stage High School Musical Theater Showcase

The Center Stage High School Musical Theater Program is an education initiative that celebrates and supports the achievement of high school theater while developing confidence, creativity and collaboration among high school students in Northeast Wisconsin. The Showcase features a Tony Awards® style red carpet experience, live performances, recognition of outstanding achievement and a celebration of community formed throughout the year. This performance shines a spotlight on the future Broadway stars from our own backyards.

2023-24 Showcase Recognition

Read about the 2023-24 showcase recognition class.


"I was so proud that our kids were performing and belonged with such other talent…Center Stage Showcase was a glorious celebration of the arts."
Amy Tubbs, Pulaski High School English teacher/drama director

Past Jimmy Nominees

Nominated for their leading performances at their high schools and chosen through a separate process at the Center to attend the National High School Musical Theatre Awards® (NHSMTA®), otherwise know as the Jimmy Awards®. Jimmy nominees represent the Center Stage High School Musical Theater Program at the national level and have the opportunity to learn from professionals in a week of workshops, compete for scholarships and perform on stage at the Minskoff Theatre, currently the Broadway home to Disney’s The Lion King.

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