To make the experience an enjoyable one for all, please review the following expectations with all your students and chaperones before attending a Amcor Education Series performance.


  • Students and adults should wear whatever they are comfortable in to attend the performance.
  • There is a short walk from the parking areas to the building so dress appropriately for the weather.
  • Please note that coat check is not available for education performances.
  • Remind your students to check their surroundings before leaving the building to avoid any lost articles.
  • Student backpacks are not allowed in the theater.

Electronic Devices

  • Turn off or silence all cell phones, watch alarms or other electronic devices before entering the theater.
  • Please avoid texting or checking email on your cell phone during the performance, as the backlight may disrupt others around you.
  • Cameras, audio and video recorders are not permitted.

Food and beverages

  • Food, beverages and gum are not allowed in the theater during Amcor Education Series performances.
  • Students will be asked to discard their gum upon arrival at the Center.
  • Please leave food and beverage items on the bus or at school.

Theater Behavior

  • Students should be reminded to stay with their group and walk, not run, while inside the building.
  • After being seated, please keep feet off of the backs of chairs.
  • Until the performance begins, the students may talk quietly to those around them.
  • If seated in a balcony, do not attempt to throw or drop anything on the levels below.
  • Once the lights dim and the performance begins, avoid talking, using backlit electronic devices (such as cell phones or iPods) and making unnecessary noise.
  • To ensure guests and performers enjoy the performance free of distractions, the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center reserves the right to ask anyone to leave if his or her behavior is disruptive.
  • Booster seats are not available for education performances.

Classroom Activity Idea!

Review theater expectations with your students by having them compare appropriate dress and behavior for the theater with other activities, such as attending a concert, going to a movie or swimming at the beach. Divide the class into groups and assign each group a different activity. Have the groups discuss the appropriate dress and behavior for their activity and why and present their ideas to the rest of the class. After all groups have presented, discuss how we behave differently for a live theater performance than we do for other activities.