Meet Brody Adams, Center Stage Program Alum

January 4, 2024

Meet Brody Adams, an alum of the Center Stage High School Musical Theater Program. Brody was a participant of the program from 2020 until he graduated from St. Mary Catholic High School in 2022. Engaging in the program, Brody represented the program as a 2020-21 Student Ambassador and performed as an ensemble member in the May 2022 Showcase. Brody has stayed connected with the theater world by furthering his education and developing a local theater company, Future Stars Theatre Company, that he co-founded with two friends, Kelsi and Eden, in 2020.

I think the Center Stage Program is a great way to showcase local talent in an educational way while giving credibility to high school theater. There is an element of respect because of the Fox Cities P.A.C.’s involvement and the arts professionals that are brought in to work with the students. Additionally, it gives the kids something to work hard and strive for.
Brody Adams – 2021-22 Center Stage Program alum

During his time as a program participant, Brody learned more about the world of theater on and off the stage and built friendships with his peers. His favorite memory of being in the Center Stage High School Musical Theater Program is performing in the Showcase as an ensemble performer. He shared, “I met some of the best people I know through that experience, and it was the highlight of my senior year in high school!” Brody also had a chance to connect with other high school students and various arts professionals through educational opportunities including workshops. “I think workshops are some of the most beneficial ways of improving your craft whether it’s dancing, acting or singing,” Brody commented. “Having that one-on-one time with an arts professional and observing other performers’ work allows for so much personal growth. Because of this, I have actively sought out and participated in workshops.”

Knowing the importance of workshops for personal and professional growth from first-hand experience, Brody mentioned how he’d eventually like to introduce workshops into the theater company. When Brody isn’t working as a manager at Starbucks, he helps run the theater company full-time. Since he helped found Future Stars Theatre Company in 2020, Brody has been assisting with the company’s steady growth and community reach. This includes offering various performing and education opportunities for youth in our community including theater camp and a handful of stage productions throughout the year.

The primary goal of the theater company, as Brody remarked, “is to bring awareness and respect to a career in the performing arts industry by adequately preparing aspiring community members for success.” It is the theater company’s hope to build upon the already prominent performing arts scene in our community, aided by your Fox Cities Performing Arts Center and a few other arts organizations, and draw in talent agencies, regional theater programs, thriving arts programs in schools and colleges, and direct links to New York City and Los Angeles. As shared on the Future Stars Theatre Company website, “A community that supports the arts will be supported by the arts. Everyone deserves the gift of theatre. At Future Stars, we believe in growth and opportunity for all.”
Having attended Belmont University in Nashville, TN majoring in theatre performance and directing, Brody is currently taking a gap year to focus on growing Future Stars Theatre Company and auditioning for BFA Musical Theatre programs. With his goals and ambitions, Brody has a bright future ahead of him as he continues to share his talent and love of the performing arts.

The Center Stage High School Musical Theater Program is an educational initiative of the Fox Cities P.A.C. with support from corporate partner Fox Communities Credit Union. Additional partners in this program include Johnson Financial Group, Nicolet National Bank, Angelo & Jennifer Ninivaggi, Schneider Foundation, Skogen’s Festival Foods, WFRV and Wipfli. Programs like the Center Stage High School Musical Theater Program are also supported in part by contributions to the Center’s Annual Partner Campaign.

Written by Philomena Dorobek, Brand Storyteller
Fox Cities Performing Arts Center