Meet Center Stage Student Ambassadors, Maddie and Shuachua

April 18, 2024

Student Ambassadors, Maddie from St. Francis Xavier High School and Shuachua from Oshkosh West High School, are program representatives for the 2023-24 Center Stage High School Musical Theater Program. Maddie and Shuachua have shared their experiences with the program and written this blog as guest writers of the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center.

All about Maddie!
Maddie is a junior at St. Francis Xavier High School, a fashionista and a dancer – the question is, how does she have time to be all of this and a Center Stage Program Student Ambassador and a representative of her high school’s musical production? Although Maddie sees herself more of a dancer and actress than a singer, she immerses herself into creativity through her dance skills. With the help of the Center Stage Program, Maddie shares the joy that comes from dancing with others.

Ironically, Maddie’s first introduction to the arts was at the Center Stage Showcase when she was a young girl. She recognized the hard work and dedication these students put into their high school productions featured at the Showcase. This experience later inspired her to pursue her interest in theater and eventually led her to become a part of the Center Stage Program, the very thing that ignited the spark in the first place!

Maddie advocates for being involved in what you love, giving less weight to other’s opinions. “If joining a musical makes you happy, do it; you’ll thrive ten times more doing what you love than listening to anyone who tells you otherwise,” Maddie said. “No matter what anyone else thinks, you are growing as a person in the right direction. One day, you’ll look back and thank yourself for allowing your creativity to flow.”

Maddie has realized the unique opportunities available to her and fellow participating students from building relationships to developing leadership skills. “Connections are very important within this industry, so being able to make those through this program is extremely beneficial,” Maddie remarked. Being a part of the program has also allowed Maddie to relive her childhood dreams of being a leader and being a part of something larger that helps others.

The Center Stage Student Ambassador Program is an incredible leadership opportunity. It has taught me that you never know when a new door might open, so always be your best self so you can walk through it.
Maddie - 2023-24 Center Stage Program Student Ambassador

Who is Shuachua?
Shuachua is a senior at Oshkosh West High School and one of the Student Ambassadors for the Fox Cities P.A.C.’s Center Stage Program. Growing up, Shuachua has always admired her very talented, artistic brother. While she may have sometimes felt stuck in his shadow, Shuachua is emerging from it, stepping into the limelight with her newfound confidence and incredible talents.

Her performance abilities and photography skills have led her down the musical theater path and inspired her to become the best she can be. Being a part of her school’s fall 2024 performance of Chicago: Teen Edition was a great way for Shuachua to see talent across the musical theater world, helping her to even find her love of photography. “As much as I love performing and being on stage with people who share the same passion as I do, I also love capturing these moments with my photography,” Shuachua shared.

Lending her photography skills to Oshkosh West High School’s blue-ribbon, award-winning newspaper, the Index, Shuachua showcases school events including musicals and plays. She sees herself possibly pursuing a career or hobby as a Broadway photographer. Shuachua’s time at the Index is giving her invaluable experience to explore a new passion in the world of musical theater.

Shuachua has found a good, diverse support system in her theater family, helping lessen the stigma around being a “theater kid” by connecting with her theater counterparts. She helps create a welcoming space for her fellow production members by being kind. “Kindness allows people to feel more relaxed and comfortable, which then helps them perform better,” Shuachua commented. “Everyone is different and experiences things differently, so the best we can do is understand and be kind.”

The Center Stage Program’s Student Ambassador Program has influenced my leadership skills because it requires me to socialize, communicate and work with others in an efficient and effective manner. I also get to work with other fantastic leaders from across Northeast Wisconsin and see how they manage the tasks required as ambassadors.
Shuachua - 2023-24 Center Stage Program Student Ambassador

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Written by Center Stage High School Musical Theater Program Student Ambassador guest writers,
Maddie (St. Francis Xavier High School) and Shuachua (Oshkosh West High School)